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August 23, 2013 in Creating an Orgasmic Life, orgasmic meditation

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August 20, 2012 in Creating an Orgasmic Life, desires, female orgasm, orgasm, orgasmic meditation, sexual satisfaction

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Orgasm and Lack of Libido

August 13, 2012 in desires, female orgasm, Intimacy, orgasm, orgasmic meditation, Shame, Uncategorized

One of the most common things in our sex lives that we don’t often speak about is the fact that many women have a lack of desire, or libido. This lack of sex drive can be viewed from the perspective of what it means to be a woman in our culture. Women haven’t yet learned what it means to get fed on sex. How it feels to be satisfied. What it really means to be full–full of orgasm.

Reasons for a lack of libido

Most of the time when sex happens it is because we are striving to make it happen instead of letting it happen and, as a result, women will have a lot of obligations on them. The feeling of shame because they don’t want to or they don’t have a desire for it, but still they feel that they should make it happen. The lack of sex drive and deep desire is missing.

This is the most common symptom women have and the reason why they end up looking for sexual advice and knowledge. What to do in order to increase their desire for sex, how to have orgasm, or how to increase libido?  That is, your sex drive, your desire for having sex, which is a very common topic in magazines and the evening press. They say that sex sells, but just in the terms of “the 10 tips to make her orgasm”, which further feeds into her shame and guilt from not being able to meet her partner. His trying to produce orgasm is making her feel even more averse. It becomes an endless cycle. How does one break out of it? Well, my answer is to start a practice of Orgasmic Meditation. Watch this video and learn more as my teacher, Nicole Daedone, the founder of OneTaste, and Dr. Sara Gottfried talk about orgasm and the lack of libido.

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Orgasmic Meditation: Explore Your Sex

August 9, 2012 in female orgasm, orgasm, orgasmic meditation, sexual satisfaction, Sexuality

orgasmic meditationStep out of your sexual comfort zone with the practice of Orgasmic Meditation! Why would you like to do it? Because you have a desire, a hunger that needs to be satisfied, although you might not yet know what this hunger is about. What you do know there is a longing, a longing for something more. Maybe you have a desire for deeper and more profound orgasm? You might want greater connection and intimacy with your partner? Or maybe you feel that it’s time for some kind of change in your sexual relationship? You are single and haven’t yet found the relationship that satisfies your needs? Irrespective of what your desire is, Orgasmic Meditation can provide you with a platform where you can start explore your sex and orgasm in a new and liberating way that will create a change in your sex, life and relationship.  Here is my key advice that can serve as a starting point.

Orgasmic Meditation Advice

# 1 Know who you are

Some people are long life learners, they consistently look for change, personal development and growth – others can be seen as resisters they like what they have, they are reluctant to experience discomfort and as a result they (un)consciously prefer to stay inside of their comfort zone. If you feel that you are the former one –  the seeker – then Orgasmic Meditation might be the practice that can help you transform your sex and life to the next level. If you feel that you belong to the latter category, you might still have a desire, a desire to explore the practice. Just know what you are looking for. You need to find out – what is your desire? One way of learning more about all this can be achieved by working with an OM (Orgasmic Meditation) Coach.

#2 Learn about your resistance

Imagine that your subconscious mind represents almost 90 percent of your brain. It’s here you have all the fears you didn’t know about, all the emotions that might feel uncomfortable, it’s also here your thoughts and belief systems in the area of sexuality are resting.  Knowing that, it is not strange that there can be a lot of resistance just of the idea of stepping into the area of exploring sexuality. Just know that it’s normal and that behind all the resistance you might feel there is a deeper desire. Get in contact with that one.

# 3 Find an OM partner

If you are in a relationship, then you have a natural partner to ask. Sign up for the OM Essential Badge where you get everything you need for starting your own practice. If you are single, you might want to start out the conversation, talking to an OM trainer. OM Coaching and Training can take place in person or via Skype.

# 4 Educating yourself

Educating yourself is a way to give you power and knowing more about who you are and how your story have created you into the person you are today. The program Creating an Orgasmic Life  was created for opening a door so you can learn more in self-reflexive modules in your own home, how your thoughts and attitudes to sexuality are shaped by our social conditioning. You will also learn about the different sexual personality types and how they are impacting you in your sex and life. Another way to learn more is by following my blog or visit OneTaste where you can find OM coaches and trainers located in the United States. Best way to educate yourself is through new awareness, something that can be reached by working with a Certified Slow Sex Coach.

Photo Credit: Post reporter Justin Rocket Silverman with OneTaste instructors Racheli Cherwitz and Robert Kandell in the background. Photo by Victoria Will/ New York Post

Orgasm: Hormonal Balance and Natural Cure

August 6, 2012 in female orgasm, orgasm, orgasmic meditation, Sex, sex transmutation, sexual power, sexual satisfaction, Sexuality

Many women struggle with having a low sex drive.  But, is there an easy cure for this?  To discover the answer to this vital question, we need to first understand the impact of hormones on the female body.

Orgasm is vital for stimulation of your hormones. Orgasm becomes your physical bodies natural cure and balance for your hormones.

Listen to Dr. Sara Gottfried Harward trained gynecologist, as she speaks about what hormones do to you and how orgasm is a vital part of women’s health.

Orgasm for Health

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